Stop running away from your SHADOW…..




& Start EXPLORING your





It’s all a matter of perspective. You have tried countless ways to shutting the door on your Anger and Pain.  You have learned how to shut off life and are comfortable doing it.


I’m here to tell you that Your allies are Within! 



Learn how to LOVE and TRANSFORM the ugly, dead, dark shadowy parts, so they can become INNER allies and helpers.


It’s time to take off the mask and FACE your fears. We will take a closer look at the dark parts that you so closely tucked away.

You will feel safe and protected all while you do your deeper work.


It’s time to take off the MASK and stand in your power!


Create Inner peace and watch your outer world become FREE.


If you feel like it’s time to take your Spiritual work to the next level. This would be the journey for you.


It is a 2 month intensive process that will help you step into WHOLENESS and TRANSFORMATION.



© Mary  Weaver 

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